Five more magical days at the Disneyland Resort are written down in our Adventure Book … now that doesn’t mean we spent five days IN the parks either (we didn’t). We did enjoy everything the Disneyland Resort has to offer; their parks, Downtown Disney District, and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel (and the POOL) during those five days!

Okay, wait, squeeze in! I haven’t taken a picture of us with Sleeping Beauty Castle and it’s 12:37 am on our last night! We got this!!!! #FabFour 😉

Holy moly, we have been home for a week and I’m just getting onto my feet again. The pixie dust extends, I swear it does. 😉


I have spent the week looking through my phone at the pictures I took during our trip. I do have to say that I only took about a third of the pictures that I normally take during a trip. I tried to be unplugged as much as possible this California trip – so if you texted or emailed me and I didn’t respond, that’s why.

♥ Family Time = Family Time ♥

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I want to share with you all some of our favorite moments from our vacation that were monumental in the memory department but only cost $5 or less (a few were even FREE).


(Joy, definitely dropped a bunch of core memories into long-term memory during our vacation!)

Here are our Top 5 Faves for $5 or Free

  1. Go visit Nick Wilde and Officer Judy Hopps. Why? Ummmm Judy is full of ENERGY and joy and hops and love and THE best dance moves we have ever seen!!! She kept the entire line entertained just watching her dance (the line moves at a good pace too, because they don’t sign autograph books because Chief Bogo won’t let them) ♥
  2. Visit New Orleans Square, Mint Julep Bar so you can enjoy a classic, you probably guessed it by now…the New Orleans Mint Julep! It’s $3.59 of refreshing goodness! While you are there, you probably should get Mickey-shaped Beignets – the 3 Pack for $4.49 because, Tiana, need I say more. Ahhhhh Tiana, We love you and your beignets.
  3. Stopping at the FREE enlarged staged photo displays. The parks have the cute postcard-like photo displays throughout both parks and you can use your own camera to take the picture for free if you like and then crop the photo.
  4. Be sure to get Fast Passes for FROZEN Live at the Hyperion Theater. Even with Fast Passes, you will be waiting in a line for a bit but it is worth it.
  5. Get an Autopia Drivers License. Folks, this was one of the moments we will never forget, EVER! The look on our son’s face was PRICELESS. He really believes that his Autopia Drivers License is real – that is Disney magic! That is worth every penny of the $5 it costs to get one!



Do you have any UPcoming Disneyland trips planned soon? I’d love to hEAR from you; leave a comment below.