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A Colorful Adventure


What’s it like living in the house of “one of the best love stories ever told”? Peek inside… and check out our latest adventure at the WHITE BIG TOP of logo-c2-slc-black-odysseo_0

Magical Engagements
happen here

Photo by Kim Bullock

Getting engaged at our UP House is a ‘page in your adventure book’ that you will always remember. If you’re thinking of popping the question, more information can be found here.

HI THERE! If you have just visited us and read our gate sign, THANK YOU.

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Every day is an Adventure


The Up House #18

Number 18 Often a “Bucket List” visit for Disney/PIXAR enthusiasts, builders, and those wanting to take a once in a lifetime photo shoot opportunity. #BucketList #MustSee #MustVisit