Capture Your ADVENTURE BOOK Moments. 

We offer scheduled photo shoots at our truly one-of-a-kind, Disney authorized, replica home with our Capture Your Adventure Book Moments photo opportunity. Our colorful home and flower-filled yard can be the perfect backdrop to propose at or schedule a whimsical photo shoot.

Experience the warmth and love of beloved Carl and Ellie Fredricksen, when you book an intimate photo shoot inside the front room of our UP house. Just like the movie, this room is adorned with every knick knack on the mantle with the bright & cheery Paradise Falls mural above. Sit and hold hands like Carl and Ellie in our custom replica chairs while reading a book. We offer both photo shoot and proposal reservations. Indoor Photo Opportunities are limited throughout the year. More reservation details are below to start your exclusive experience here.

Please note, tours are not available.

Visitors of our UP House are able to book a 20-minute photo session using their own camera, phone, or photographer where they can enjoy more time at our real-life UP house replica, either outside or inside the front room, based on what is reserved. The 20-minute session allows the visitor private access not open to the public and the ability to achieve multiple photographic angles. Want more time? Book 2 Capture Your Adventure Book Moments back-to-back! You’ll get 40 minutes on our property to snap all the photos your heart desires!



A Reservation Is Required When

  •  You will be outside our residence longer than a couple minutes 
  •  Taking photos for birthday/ anniversary/ engagement/ professional/ family portraits etc.
  •  A Proposal
  •  You have balloons and/or are dressed in an UP theme or costume
  •  Taking photos of/with our home for any business or marketing use

20 Minute Photo Shoot Opportunities Starting At:

    • $60 –  Outdoor 
    • $$$ (contact for pricing) –  COMBO • Indoor-Outdoor 
  • $100 –  Proposal • Outdoor
  • $$$ (contact for pricing) –  Proposal  COMBO • Indoor-Outdoor 

(Session pricing subject to change)

 Payment is through Venmo. However, please do not send payment before your reservation has been confirmed by email. You provide your own photographer; pricing is to use our home as your magical & iconic backdrop. A non-refundable booking fee (%50 of photo opportunity scheduled) is due upon reservation. Full payment is due the date prior to session, no later than 8AM (mountain time). 

Venmo:  @Lynette-Hamblin


To Schedule A Photo Shoot Reservation

Please email Lynette the following information. All information must be included to be considered for a photo opportunity at our home. 

Email:  therealuphouse@gmail.com

Preferred date(s) in the Subject Line of Email please

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Social media:
  • Address:
  • Phone #:
  • Date(s) & times requested:
  • Number of guests:
  • Photographer name:
  • Props:
  • Type of request & session # :

Outdoor  ­    Combo       Proposal-Outdoor       Proposal-Combo

  • Theme of photo shoot:

Family, Engagement, Birthday, Just for fun, etc.

  • Will the photos be used for personal or business use?


Keep in mind, this is a private residence, respect for our home and family is expected. Any behavior during your photo opportunity deemed inappropriate or not family-friendly, you will be asked to leave promptly.

It takes a lot of work to keep the magic up and maintain the property. For a photo shoot, we have to fully clean, sanitize (before & after), rearrange home items, and adjust our family’s schedule. All of this takes a lot of work, time, and effort. Making this magic happen brings us joy, we hope you feel joy too when you see our home! Thank you for appreciating and understanding this.

Photos are for personal use only. If you’d like to book a photo shoot for marketing/ business use or to use our home in any filming, please head here first.


In Addition, Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

We have decreased the amount of outdoor photo shoot reservations to help keep our family safe. 

COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease, please use caution and refrain from touching property objects here (fence, gate, gate-posts, trashcans, etc). Follow instagram (@uphouse) for the quickest update of our options available.


Media Promotion/Collaboration

Moreover, to use our UP House for any Business, Marketing, Media, and/or Product endorsement for profit or sales, You Tube filming, please fill out THIS FORM first. I’d love to see if we’d like our UP House connected with your project/ company. Most importantly, please send all the details of how you’d like to use our home with your company and/or product(s) and your offer to us.  More details can be found on our Press page.



Firstly, reservation options reflect up to 5 visitors, including photographer. Larger parties may result in a rate increase and must be discussed with Owners through email prior to securing reservation.

Secondly, photo shoot options and pricing listed here are for photography sessions and for personal use only. No video filming is allowed during these sessions. Business and/or product promotion is a separate Media Rate; a contract must signed first before proceeding with any promotional use of our UP house.

Any cancellation within a 24 hour period from your session will not be refunded.

In addition, seasonal decorations will not be removed. Home or garden decor/sign items will not be removed. Please do not move any items.

No pets allowed on property unless discussed with Owners through email prior to appointment. This is a private residence.
All props must be approved prior to reservation. You may also rent props from us; please contact us for props available & fee.
Please do not let your little Wilderness Explorers stand or play on the fence, gate or pick any flowers. We want our property to bring happiness for years.

Lynette (or a representative) is present on property during all photo shoots to make sure all rules are followed. All guests are under 24 hours surveillance supervision. Any violation of rules or contract broken will result in a fine and/ further fees to guests.

To be clear, visitors are responsible for any damage done to the property. The Real UP House and/or its Owners assumes no liability for loss, theft, or damage to equipment brought by guests.

We are a family friendly site and home, any questionable behavior will result in the visitor(s) and/or photographer being told to leave our property without refund.

BLOGGERS: Please be sure to read our commercial, promotional, media/ product endorsement on our Press page. We hope to work with you!

If you have any questions or concerns leading UP to your appointment here, please contact us, we want your time to be magical here.

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