Hi there!

I’m Lynette, the voice behind the posts here, on instagram and our Facebook Page. I’m not really like Ellie in the bubbly, chatty way at first, but, get to know me and I can be. Although, I do love me some overalls, like, I’m obsessed with them. Wasn’t Ellie’s sooo cute?!! I love my Carl like Ellie though. I am madly in love!

So, who are we?

We are a family of four + one pup & a cat. We love our colorful house. It literally was our dream house. (I will write about this Love/The Secret Story one day.) Cross my heart. 😉 We love to play games and explore Utah. We love living in Utah, it is a gorgeous state! If you haven’t visited here, you need to! We LOVE theme parks and to travel. We love water, thawed or frozen; so put us on the mountain for snowboarding or the sea for snorkeling or surfing, we’re there.

I’m married to a bearded, retired Coastie. He is THE best husband, father, friend you could ask for. He is a hard-worker and kind man. His adventures are insane. He loves to run in the mountains and snowboard and I happen to think that he’s the best at it. Where are his sponsors at for that? Because snow people – he is so talented! For real!! He makes me laugh every day and is always there for us. I freaking LOVE him! 

I’m a proud Mama to an outgoing, dancer & artist, mer-girl who is very Merida-like and also to a blue-loving boy on the autism spectrum, who loves video games like Mario Bros. & Minecraft and figuring out how things work. My kids are my everything! I love being around them. When they are on school break, it makes me happy. I love my bedtime routine time with them because it’s so special with both of them. Let them be little.

I’m also a mountain lovin’ mermaid obsessed with frozen fractal-covered trees (they make me cry – the good kind). It melts my heart when my littles refer to me as Mama. I adore yoga, swimming, snowboarding, Disney, peonies, roses, and my roots in Norway. One day, we are going to have an great wide adventure there!! My addiction to chocolate is a bit much.

We have a puppy named Piper, she came from a shiba inu rescue group. She has brought us a lot of joy since our old dog, Dakota, passed away after Christmas 2016. We also adopted an adult cat, Mila, from our local shelter for our son. She is a talker and has taken a liking to me and him. She actually calls for me: “Mom, mom mom!” and brings me gifts (ALL of Piper’s toys from her toy basket) EVERY – SINGLE – NIGHT to my bedside whilst calling/yelling mom, mom, mom, mom which each and every toy. (Insert endearing side-eye here)

Talking Disney is one of my favorite things, well, all things Disney, let’s be honest. When people quote Disney Pixar films, I get giddy. I have always been this way, it makes my heart smile and my body gets instant goosebumps. I’m VERY shy though, so I do get nervous talking to people. I have a hard time taking pictures of myself – I feel very awkward. I smile with my mouth closed. I LOVE tattoos. Yoga is a BIG part of my life and I just recently got my YTT 200 hrs. I love to garden; I think this also helps with any Mama worries too.

I hope the things I have shared and opened up about here on my blog have brought you joy, insight, or a little dose of Disney into your life. I hope our home brings you a little bit of magic while you are visiting Utah. Watching our Disney People video below will help you see a little more about us too.

Wishing you the Best Day Ever.

Merry Adventures,

Lynette Hamblin