What’s UP (Wednesday) with the

real life of the UP House?

We have visitors just about every day and if I happen to be outside I get almost the same questions and statements… a couple can be awkward. “Your life must be perfect.” I have to respond with an uncomfortable smile, No, no it’s not but we are grateful. Because how do we answer that to complete strangers?

Up House Color089

Some people show up to our house or email us asking for a tour that day

I think some may think our home looks like this ALL THE TIME   

UP Kitchen

This is a rare look here


Here’s the status of our kitchen now… and I’m fine with it. I’ve had other responsibilities on my plate and now I’m taking the littles to go see Zootopia again with a friend. The mess can wait. We don’t live in perfection.




Going to see Zootopia was the perfect plan today. I was having my coffee this morning thinking of the three loads of laundry and the posts I wanted to write when I looked over at my snuggling daughter next to me and went why???

Why am I so worried about keeping up… at least for today? Does it matter? Real life is messy. Having time with your littles (and friends) matters.

Coral was so excited when I told her we were going to go to see Zootopia again and this time with her best friend, Gavin, and his family. Nedra and I passed chocolate over the heads of our littles back and forth and we all laughed our butts off. I love Zootopia!!!

I’ll get to my dirty dishes and my laundry and my posts later, as for today, I’m enjoying family and good friends… because life is messy.



Officer Judy Hopps says it well at the end of Zootopia, “Life is messy… Look inside yourself and realize that change starts with you. It starts with me, it starts with all of us.”