The Real UP House is a one-of-a-kind home and is an authorized replica from the Walt Disney Company. Pictures for commercial, promotional, media, product endorsement for profit and sales, website/media/print promotion here can make any company or product stand out. Because of this uniqueness, we are very careful to what is being promoted with our home – it is like no other house.

We are dedicated to making sure the company and/ products match the standards that will be connected with The Real UP House, Lynette Hamblin, the Hamblin family, and indirectly – the Walt Disney Company (even though, we are NOT affiliated with the Walt Disney Company).

For Media Promotion: Please include your business name, website, and social media accounts. Please state your intent of photo opportunity (indoor, outdoor – both options, still photos and/ video), what company and/ product(s) you plan to endorse in photo(s) or video, how long you will be here at the property, what outlets you will use the photos on, how long the promotion will run, etc. Be sure to include your offer as well. We will carefully review all inquiries. We will only accept offers from companies that are family friendly. We accept payment via Venmo or Company check.

Let’s see if this would be a good match UP!

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We have been featured on:

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