Escape to the cabin

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This past weekend we took off to Southern Utah to my Uncle’s cabin in the mountains, which is located in one of the most beautiful spots on earth; right in the heart of the Dixie National Forest. It is sandwiched between majestic hoodoos, a trickling creek, towering trees, and ‘the nothing’ (meaning, no cell or internet service of any kind =  ♥ WILDERNESS WONDERLAND ♥).





I’m a Mama bear, a Mama of the Mountains, Mama Mermaid, Mama Merida, a MAMA, and I LOVE it. You know us; we bring Disney with us everywhere…when we escape to the cabin, we do a lot of archery and all of us refer to ourselves as Merida.  I was so excited when one of my favorite cousins, David (known as Fozzy if you follow me on instagram and have seen any concert pics) invited us to join them at the cabin for Memorial Day weekend. His wife wasn’t able to make the trip this time, so I was the only mama there. Me with 5 littles was so much fun! Games galore! We played Monopoly, Go Fish, Speed, War, Ladder Toss, and went on adventures – it was so much fun! The cousins got along so well. I was in Mama heaven.


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Going to the cabin is a real retreat for us. Being in the hustle and bustle all the time can wear on the soul. Taking the drive down south and then bam, being in the middle of nowhere, yet somewhere magical at the same time is the best. We crave it, all of us do, even our dog. We can say to her, “Wanna go to the cabin?” She perks right up. It’s darling.

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We love to get our “Merida” on and use our bow and arrow as much as our hearts desire, play in the creek, hike, explore, roast marshmallows, have family time, watch for animals, catch frogs, or just do whatever. This trip I told my cousin, David, I wanted a bench for the “archery area” and he said, “Okay, let’s make one.” So we did. All by hand with an old hand-powered drill. It was awesome. Some of the littles got involved in the process.

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After that one was finished, we decided we needed another one and I was going to make that one, as in, I was going to hand turn the holes while the boys watched. Now, I’m totally fine with this; I want you to understand my tone is not bitter, it is proud. I made the holes for the second bench – it is a happy thoughts bench. I’ll have to add pics of both our benches because I didn’t take pics of the bench after. I was too happy that I just sat and smiled. Which is the whole purpose right?!  ♥



We saw baby birds


Our little guy lost a tooth and found out the Tooth Fairy DOES show UP at the cabin!


And even kissed a frog… a couple times!

The cabin is full of good times. It’s a memory maker for us. I remember going to cabin as a young girl, it was always good memories for me. I love that we are now making own our adventures with our family there now. We are so grateful that Uncle Bob (and cousin, David) are so generous to let us use it so often.

Until next time Wilderness Wonderland…