Δ  Nature calls  Δ

Utah is known for it’s beautiful natural wonderland. We are blessed that we live right in the middle of two awesome mountains. These hills are chalk full of adventure waiting to be explored. Taking advantage of a beautiful day like today to enjoy nature hike with the love of my life, sign me UP every time!


It’s best to listen to your soul…

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A few days ago, Clint and I hiked at Corner Canyon with the goal to reach the falls but didn’t have enough time because the kids had a school performance. However, today was the day, we were back at Corner Canyon and would make it to Ghost Falls. No time constraints, no worries, just hApPy hiking. Having Clint by my side and nature as my setting has such a calming effect on me.


We made it to Ghost Falls!

Wilderness Friends

We were greeted early on by a slithering snake. Oh my right? No, there wasn’t any need for worry. Hakuna Matata. It was cool to see actually. The snake or Kaa as I named her was out on the trail to sunbathe until we scared her back into the brush. A few minutes later we had another magical moment when a little bun bun aka a cotton-tailed bunny crossed our path into the side brush. She stayed there and we had a little chat. Yes, I talk to animals. Out-loud. And, if you really want to know the truth, I talk for animals too, like as I create different character voices for them. I am not ashamed to admit this. I think healthy humans should, it’s good for the soul. (Are you stepping slowly away from the computer now thinking that lady is wacko?)   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯     I also was fortunate that Officer Judy Hopps was cool with me to let me take a bunch of pictures of her before leaving. My bun bun bliss lasted the entire hike. {Thank you Judy}

♥ How precious is she?!?! ♥

Judy Hopps

Our animal friends didn’t end with Judy Hopps, we enjoyed a family of squirrels watching us, a couple blue birds as well as a lizard.

lone cactus on the rock

lone cactus on the rock

The hike UP to Ghost Falls took about an hour there. This trail is nice because it is not all climbing, it has rolling spots as well as fairy-like tree coverage areas. I live for moments like that – they are so peaceful. I also get distracted in those spots. I’m grateful Clint doesn’t mind that I do and in fact he likes to take in those moments as well.

Utah is beautiful!


Ghost Falls

Ghost Falls!

Hiking with Clint is my fave. It is a soul cleanse. It’s free & connective. If you live here in Utah, GO HIKING! The dishes, lawn, laundry, or whatever can wait. Go connect with your family and nature… it’s worth it.


Adventure is out there, right?