I was given 10 tickets for my family and friends, as well as provide a Giveaway, to see Cavalia Odysseo last week.

*I attended a special Media Event previously where I was given permission to take photos and video during the show.




Your time is almost UP if you haven’t had the chance to see Cavalia Odysseo under the big white top here in Utah!





Cavalia artists, acrobats, riders and their 65 horses will take you on a majestic journey in this amazing show! These pictures are only a snippet of the magic and wonder you will feel experiencing this show.



Cavalia Odysseo is majestic!


I have heard and seen quite a few comments about the pricing possibly being too expensive… folks, it is worth the money! Also, there are different categories in the seating. Here’s a little tip, the “big white top” tent is actually quite intimate; so, you don’t have to purchase tickets in the first 6 rows to feel like you are enjoying the show. I was surprised my first time seeing Cavalia how small the seating area is!

You have one week left to experience this MUST SEE show, here’s my other post with more details.

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Time is running out to experience this “Vegas quality” of a show. Cavalia Odysseo will be riding out of town soon. Their last show is scheduled for June 20th!

Here’s a link to purchase your tickets now.


Thank you Cavalia Odysseo for the memories, your shows are a page in our Adventure Book we will never forget!