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Halloween is just around the corner and we love that guests like to photograph their costumes here at our UP House. Be sure to book your photo shoot here prior to showing UP, pictures from the porch are priceless!


Photo courtesy of Disney – Pixar films

Most fans we meet here love Ellie. Ellie, from Disney-Pixar’s UP, exudes joy and a spirt of adventure. We meet her as a young and vibrant girl who is confident of her dreams. As Ellie ages, she goes thru an array of life events, some that many of us can relate to. In Ellie’s adulthood, she brings an elegance with her outfits. While painting murals or enjoying a picnic with her love, Carl, Ellie has a style of her own.

Photo courtesy of Disney - Pixar

Photo courtesy of Disney – Pixar

Ellie’s outfits change often in the movie, but she always has a classic look. When clients tell me they will be dressing UP as Ellie and Carl, I’m excited to see how they will portray her. Vintage and vintage-inspired dress hunting is so much fun. Ellie wore gorgeous a-frame style dresses and most had a floral pattern on them.

These are some of my favorite Ellie-inspired dresses:

One of my go-to shops for vintage-inspired is ModCloth. Although not all the dresses pictured below are floral they all still burst the "Ellie" vibe. If you act quickly, you can get on this deal on


I keep waiting for a guest to DisneyBound Ellie when she worked at the Zoo. I found this safari-inspired dress that is adorable. Grab a pink scarf, a safari hat and some booties - you're golden. Rent our Balloon cart and put a large bouquet of balloons with your "Carl"- adorable & unique!!

Photo courtesy of Disney - Pixar

Photo courtesy of Disney - Pixar


Will you be dressing 'UP' as Ellie for Halloween or a photo shoot here?!?

Leave me a comment on your UPcoming Halloween costume!