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Although Halloween is in less than two weeks, visitors here often enjoy dressing in an UPworthy Costume/ outfit during a visit to our UP House. Russell, the young wilderness explorer, is a highly popular character to dress UP as.

Russell shows up one day to ask Mr. Fredricksen if he could help him in any way to earn his “Assisting the Elderly” Badge.

Russell: Good afternoon. Are you in need of any assistance today, sir?
Carl Fredricksen: No.
Russell: I could help you cross the street.
Carl Fredricksen: No.
Russell: I could help you cross your yard.
Carl Fredricksen: No.
Russell: I could help you cross your porch.
Carl Fredricksen: No!
[closes the door on Russell’s foot] Russell: Ow.
Photo courtesy of Disney-Pixar

Photo courtesy of Disney-Pixar

Russell’s wilderness explorer outfit has quite the details, don’t worry if you don’t replicate them all. Dressing UP in a costume or DisneyBound outfit is all about having fun! Last year for the Disneyland Half Marathon, I made a runDisney DisneyBound Russell outfit for the big day. I used iron on paper for my badges and bought some brown material from my local craft store.

I made my sash super easy. I cut out the material to fit my body and used heat glue to sew it. Simple, fast, badgespixelALLbam.

To make the badges:

1. Use Iron On Paper (I found all of these from Amazon, with my Amazon Prime account – I can get most items shipped for FREE in 2 days)

2. Print the Russell badges from his sash using the Iron On Paper

3. Cut out each badge (yes, this is time consuming)

4. Place the badges on your sash, (I wanted to be legit so I kept the same order as Russell) and begin ironing on. Be sure to follow the directions from your Iron On Paper – you don’t want to have to reprint and reCUT them again.

5. Let your material cool and you’re ‘sash full of badges’ is complete!


Because I was running a race, I wanted to use my visor (also because it used to be my Mama’s when she was young). I bought an Iron On patch for my hat but you could follow the same process with the Iron On paper to save money.

Wilderness Explorer Badge

RussellRussell’s outfit consists of an orange bandana, yellow shirt, brown shorts, white socks and brown boots with red laces.


For the flag, I used a small piece of orange felt and a dowel, again I secured the edges with the Iron adhesive tape. For the WE badge, I used more Iron On Paper and used my iron to apply. Easy peasy – lemon squeezy.DSC_7503

Sooo that’s it for an UP Russell costume/ DisneyBound outfit. If you have any questions be sure to write me in the comments.

Have you ever dressed UP as Russell or seen another person? I’d love to hear back from you – Happy week y’all!