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It’s Halloween Time here at the real UP House! In the next few weeks I will be talking about how to create different pixie-dusted costumes … and remember, we schedule photo shoots here.

Now go have another Adventure

One of the questions I usually like to ask guests when they are booking a photo shoot here is, “What type of photo shoot is this?”. When I hear back that they are dressing as the characters from Disney-Pixar’s UP – I get giddy! Some of the guests that have dressed as UP Characters have been spot on. I almost want to take pictures WITH them! I love seeing how enthusiastic they are about the film, UP. We instantly have a bond; we are UPsessed!

Carl Fredricksen is an endearing character who goes through his own personal UPs and downs, covering the gamut of emotions. You see him as a shy young boy but intrigued by the allure of adventure to falling in love with Ellie, to grief and frustration which is represented in his square and stout form.

The typical UP House guest dressing as Carl, chooses the older version –

White collared shirt, bow tie, suspenders, brown trousers, dress jacket, tennis-balled cane, thick glasses, and occasionally a fedora hat.

caneYou have the option to rent our Carl cane during your photo shoot here or you can DIY one if you have plans to wear your Carl costume again for Halloween. There are so many options for canes, I found this one on Amazon. (Plus if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can have it shipped for FREE fast.) This quad cane is a little cheaper at Walmart. Once you have your cane you will need to grab 4 tennis balls. CAREFULLY cut a criss-cross on one side of each ball – just enough to fold back the flaps from the cuts and slide onto each leg/foot of the cane. (Shopping note: most cans of tennis balls come in a 3-pack so remember to grab two for your costume accessory!)



How to dress UP as Carl Fredricksen

For a recent photo shoot, we found some pretty legit “Carl” glasses here. I’m UPsessed with them and stage them in my instagram pics because they are so cool!

Suspenders and a retro Bow Tie can really pull the whole look together. I say look for a pair that has a 50’s feel to it. This men’s fedora hat exudes the Carl vibe! Meh!!!

So, are you ready to create the most UPworthy costume of Carl during your photo shoot here?!?!