Taking pictures here at the real UP House

Caw! Caw! Roar!

Greetings, fellow Wilderness Explorers. Our colorful home is an actual Disney-authorized replica house from the Disney•Pixar film “Up!”. We’ve had the pleasure of having Disney here.

Please remember, if you’re outside our home, this is our haven, our place of comfort and unwinding. At times, we have our own personal ‘ups and downs’ we’re dealing with, all while trying to share the joy of our Disney home with strangers who visit daily. Be kind and respectful, please.

If you visit here:

  • Be brief (snap quick pictures, be here less than 3 minutes)
  • Stay outside the fence line
  • Please have your Uber or Lyft driver wait for you unless you have scheduled a photoshoot
  • No drones – it’s weird + invasive 👀 🙅‍♂️ Please, and thank you ☺️
  • Be kind & respectful – you are visiting our home life

A couple tips from Lynette:

  • Don’t forget to include the cute weathervane UP high in your picture
  • Don’t block all those iconic door locks when standing out front – Mr. Fredricksen locks all of those every day
  • Most importantly, come back for our Annual UP House Santa Charity Event in December! This is one of our favorite days of the year where you can take a picture on the porch for just $10 with Santa and ALL of the proceeds are DONATED to The Road Home, a local homeless shelter. Please help us help our community. 🫶

Reservations are required:

  • Staying longer than a few minutes outside our home
  • Taking pictures for professional/ marketing/business use
  • Using a photographer
  • Costume 🎃 HALLOWEEN or 🎈UP themed pictures
  • Staged pictures like engagements, proposals, birthdays or anniversary, etc.
  • Filming

Email for a reservation to capture all those priceless moments at our home:


·   ♥  ·  ♥  ·  ♥  ·   ♥  ·

Thank you for respecting this. Thank you for appreciating what I do here making it magical with the foliage and effort throughout the year and Holidays. Thank you for understanding that not all my days are always “UP” and that we are real people living in our real-life home. Thank you for saying hello to us when you’re approaching for a quick visit. 

Above all, I wish you the best.

♥  Lynette