* We were sent an Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Sphero at no charge. These are our opinions.


Recently, Sphero sent us our very own Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Sphero. This is a big deal because our son has an obsession with CARS and specifically, Lightning McQueen (well, who doesn’t love this hot rod)! Ultimate Lightning McQueen can do it all! Animated eyes, animatronic mouth, reactive touch, suspension, all this by using controlling through Sphero’s very own app. And, of course, you can race Lightning McQueen around the room by using the app to control what direction he will go. This, my friend, is quite the interactive experience.

(affiliate link)

Check him out in action!


We also discovered last week that the Ultimate Lightning McQueen will even watch a movie with you! Yes, friend, he will even respond to THE CARS movie. I know, we were shocked and impressed, too.


Too cute, right?!

Ultimate Lightning McQueen will be a perfect gift for your little explorer. He interacts with them, keeps them engaged, is funny, race around hallways like they are trying for the Piston Cup, and will even watch a movie if they want to relax. Our little guy loves his.

You can purchase your very own Ultimate Lightning McQueen below (affiliate link)

Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen Vehicle



We love our new Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Sphero, we definitely give it

5 out of 5 balloons!

🎈 🎈 🎈 🎈 🎈


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