As our family motto states (and borrowed from the late-great Walt Disney): Keep Moving Forward, I run. I run to clear my mind. I run to analyze my thoughts. I run to brainstorm new art projects. I run to think of new ‘Disney-fied’ (yes, this is a term I use even though it is not a real word- I know) words on the Disney Parks Moms Panel site. I run to be healthy. I run to be faster. I run to spend time with my husband. I run to enjoy the outdoors. I run to lose weight. I run to feel light. I run to feel like a bird-soaring.

I run to participate in runDisney races.

Participating in runDisney race is like no other experience. Sure the races may seem a bit pricey. However, it’s all about the atmosphere; running through the parks, the Disney Characters on course, the large Expo, the medal, being with so many Guests who love Disney AND running just like you, the Disney Magic and of course your outfit.


Photo by Amanda Tatro

So many Guests participating in a runDisney Race event take the time to dress up in costume or DisneyBound their race outfit-it’s amazing! I begin to think about my future costumes even before runDisney Race sign ups have begun. A lot of Guests stick with the theme of the runDisney race with their outfit. Others like me, are determined to wear a specific Character for personal reasons, just because. The last two runDisney Races I ran as Disney/Pixar ‘UP’ themed Characters-I know shocking. I was Russell for the Disneyland Half Marathon and Kevin for the Avengers Half Marathon.




At the Disneyland Resort, there are multiple runDisney Races to sign UP for.

What runDisney Race Event will you sign up for next and are you already planning your costume too?

~ Lynette