I love that so many guests think of our house to be THE perfect place to pop the question to love their love! And trust us, we want your moment to be perfect too!


If you want to propose here at our UP House, you need to contact us first and schedule it. Your partner will appreciate that you took the time to make everything perfect too.

Now what do I mean by that….we live here. We have littles, a barking dog, a schedule, neighbors, kids that want to play, and this awesome home that we like to enjoy life in (and outside) too!


So you ask, how do I go about PROPOSING to my special someone at The UP House?!?


1.  Email me through our Contact Us.

2.  In the form, let me know if you want to propose outside or inside. Provide me with as many details as possible, dates, preferred time of day, if you will have a photographer on hand, if you will have props, and what your plan for the proposal is. Yes, I need to know this – we need to know how hidden we might need to be!

3.  Is there a fee? Yes

4.  Why? Because you are outside our home – we live here. 🙂 I will try and make your time as magical as possible. Engagements are my favorite!

The fee is here. If you want to me to do extra stuff like make goodies like custom plane tickets that say “Will you marry me ____?” or set up a picnic scene etc, it will be slightly more. Props will also be additional.

IMG_4873_2              UP mailbox house view

We LOVE making this moment special for you, so please let us help you.