I’m grateful we have a physical change of seasons in Utah. I needed it.

I’ve been quiet for some time here on social media. I’ve been stuck you could say. In fact, for weeks I contemplated whether or not to even write this. But this isn’t a whoa-is me post. It’s a real post. I didn’t want to keep posting colorful pictures of our house when I wasn’t feeling “UP” to it. Everyone, I suppose, needs to take a break at times. Now looking back on the last few months and even my last movie review and it’s subject matter, I can say, wow, the timing with life can sometimes really bite. I’m grateful that I have a very supportive husband who is also my best friend, with the best shoulder and advice. I really feel like he is an old soul. And, with the shift of seasons the other day, shifted me back into gear; I’m ready to write again. So hi there!

{I do need to apologize, because if you contacted me for a photoshoot here, I probably turned you down. Family will always come first for us and if I’m feeling overwhelmed, I can’t book a photo shoot here.}

Utah is bea-UTAH-ful and brings change!

And like Rafiki says,

Change is Good

Fall arrived. We went up to the mountains, like we love to do, and enjoyed a little hike at our favorite place, Brighton Ski Resort.

IMG_5930 (1)

It had all the love there, a little summer, fall leaves, and even my fav, SNOW!

The kids and Clint made a snowman. Snowballs were thrown and we tasted our first snow of the season.

Happy Fall, y’all!


And like that, I felt better. Nature has cleansing powers, it always has had that for me. Like this breath of fresh air for the soul.

If you’re feeling like you need to take a break, do it. Embrace your spouse or partner and your kids if you have them – your bond is powerful. ♥

With the season of Fall here, I’m excited for:

Salted Caramel Mochas, sweaters, jeans, SNOW (because we are in Utah and there’s always a chance of that here), flocked trees, swimming (even if a bubble is put on the pool at the club), my daughter’s birthday, seeing my girlfriends soon at WDW, Halloween, my husband’s pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie, crunching falling leaves, UGGS ( I have been wearing them since 1997 when I was on the swim team – I love them), apple crisp pie, sweet potatoes anything, and really, pumpkin anything.

Have you ever gone through a small rut like this before? Where posting on Instagram just felt fake so you couldn’t do it? Did you take a pause too?
🙂   What are you excited about for Fall???  🙂