What’s the saying this time of year?
A New Day, A New You.


This isn’t that type of post, exactly. I am here to tell you that today, now, is the day for you, for me, to begin to find YOUR You.

What do I mean? We live in chaos: All around us is busyness. We have schedules, alarms, reminders; some have children to tend to; others have schoolwork to finish; others have work to accomplish – we have chaos. So how do we find ourselves? And, where is our happiness in that? I’m not talking about a depressed, lost soul. (It’s okay if you feel that way, this is for you, too.) I’m talking about finding something that speaks to you, or rather, makes your soul sing.

For me, this is hot yoga. Why? Hot Yoga truly grounds me, helps me find peace, challenges me, and it is good for me mentally and physically. I have also found that it really has connected me to be aware of all my senses, like I’m able to be present and be in the now and not so worried all the time. I’m doing a lot of active and present breathing because of yoga.




Yoga has helped me with my flexibility and I feel like I’m standing taller. I’m stronger.

I’m able to now use some of the practices and poses throughout my day to calm my mind and relax my body if I feel tense or stress rising. I also use yoga now to revive my body because it brings me great joy and happiness. After classes, I feel so connected to people and love, that if I feel off I often find myself getting into a position to ground myself and reset. The yoga community is loving. Yoga has made me more loving. I want to love more.

I began this little journey back in July when I walked into a hot yoga studio. A few months prior I had just had a major surgery that took months to recover from because of unexpected complications. I had finally had the doctor’s okay to workout again. I found this Groupon to a local hot yoga studio I had been curious about for months. I had never taken a yoga class before. I bought the Groupon and went in to ask some questions. I nearly cried asking the owner all my questions. I was just off back then.


I began the next day and my life changed from that moment on.

For my first class, Mya, the owner of Sumits Hot Yoga in South Jordan, set me up in the room with a mat, top mat towel, and I brought my water. Alana was my teacher for my first 5 classes. I cried quietly in every class, I think due to the detoxing poses we do and for her powerful words.


A little about the Staff:

Alana is younger than me but wise in her words. She would say these profound phrases that would gut me and I would lose it and lay down and ball quietly with my towel over my face with sweat dripping from every pore of my body – it was truly cleansing. I would leave class feeling relieved and revived and like, what just happened?!

Then, there’s Noelle, another teacher who is young but also wise. She will be joking in the lobby and the class starts and you want to write down everything she says but can’t because you are in the middle of Flow Two and you have salty sweat dripping in your eyes (and your phone is in a lobby cubby.)

Mandy. Mandy is graceful and knows how to help you find your burst of energy with a fun, “woohoo” in her classes. I look forward to listening to her French music. Her classes are a breathe of fresh air – even though it is hotter than hell in the room.

Mandy Sloan is precise with movements. She will remind you that you are stronger than you think you are. She will also push you to try new positions. She helped me find my first backbend.

Scout is quieter but a calming presence. Her voice is soft yet reassuring. She has a gentle way of correcting your form where you feel an “aha” moment. Her classes always ground me.

Mya is a gem. She is attentive in the room when teaching and as an owner. I find myself sitting in the lobby chatting with her after every class. I enjoy being in her presence.

I have an appreciation, connection and love for each teacher at Sumits Hot Yoga.

So, why do I do hot yoga?

Yoga is movement and I’ve always enjoyed that. It’s hard work that I love. It gives me positive energy from Staff that I have grown close too. The world is chaotic and on my mat, I alone have control. I cannot control the heat but I can control what I do and when I lay down on mat. I can control my breathe. If I ever feel out of control, I lay down on my mat and just breathe. Yoga makes my soul sing. Sure, I have quietly set yoga goals for myself. But, in this community I don’t feel any competition. I just am. I am enough. I am happy.


What is YOUR You? What makes your heart sing?

Yoga – Running – Drawing – Hiking – Traveling – Singing – Coloring?


* I was not asked to write this post from Sumits Hot Yoga, I just decided to write it. I purchased my own annual pass there. But, if you are interested in trying Sumits Hot Yoga, (and I’d love to see you there!) Mya has a Groupon like I purchased; this is the way to go because it is THE BEST DEAL! Here it is: https://www.groupon.com/biz/south-jordan-heights-ut/sumits-hot-yoga-south-jordan

I hope to see you on the mat. Namaste.