While you’re counting down the days and humming the tune of ‘Be Our Guest’, get ready for the release with Seedling’s Design Your Own Disney Beauty and The Beast crafting kits!

Little ones will love creating their own ‘Enchanted Rose Crown’ or ‘Flower Press Book’ to channel their inner Belle and get ready for this classic story to hit the big screen!

I have a daughter that enjoys imaginary play and dress-up. The ‘Enchanted Rose Crown’ is perfect for even pairing with her next perfect Disneybound outfit!

Art and crafts are a big part of her life – we love it!

So, when we received this new package with TWO fun, projects to do together, we were so excited! We decided to make a video about it because she has ALWAYS begged me to do the video thing. Alright, babe.

Here we go, our Design Your Own Enchanted Rose Crown Video:


You may have noticed we forgot to record the actual making of the crown. Oops. We ended up pausing to re-read the directions. Here’s also why:  

1. At first, we both didn’t know who was going to do what. (One put together the flower, the other cut the tape)

2. We both got distracted quickly and forgot. This was also because it was such an easy process that you quickly found a rythym and we forgot that we were supposed to go back after we figured it out and hit record. Sorry, friends.


I do think it helps to have two people working on it. One making the flowers and the other cutting the tape and handing the tape to the flower maker to secure the flower to the wire.


Create Your Own Flower Press Book time

They were being so silly… that is what crafting is about, family time.


The Flower Press Book was a project that took more time (patience too). This is one that you take real flowers and literally set them in the press book, tighten down the legs, and then leave it for about 4-5 days. The littles were like oh, okay for this one. It was cute though because our daughter got my husband to sit down with her and try it out.

Here’s our “Belle and Beast” trying out the Flower Press Book



Try to only squeeze out a little paint, a little goes far.

Also, this paint dries fast, which is nice!

So, what did we think of Seedling’s Design Your Own Disney Beauty and The Beast crafting kits?

We LOVED them! The Flower Press Book was a surprise hit for me, I’m super excited to continue using the Flower Press Book this spring as all of our garden flowers bloom. This will make for endless crafts and make for some fun gifts for family, friends and neighbors! I knew we were going to love the Enchanted Rose Crown, because come on, my little mermaid in a Rose Crown? Sold.

So, did I give the crafting kits 5 out of 5 balloons?

🎈 🎈 🎈 🎈 🎈


We are thinking of buying another Flower Press Book, just so we can have a couple pressing at the same time. Here are the links for you if you are thinking your family would love to bring these magical projects in your life too.

Design Your Own Enchanted Rose Crown 

Create Your Own Flower Press Book


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*Seedling's sent me these items to my family at no cost. These are my opinions.