Now everyone that knows me, knows that I am obsessed with movies from Disney. I have been quoted as saying Disney runs through my veins, now Disney is edging even closer to my heart – A United States Coast Guard movie!


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On January 29th, 2016, we will have the opportunity to experience a daring United States Coast Guard mission from 1952. This crew had to face 60-foot waves, epic winds, and frigid temperatures while performing their duties. To say we are excited to see Disney’s THE FINEST HOURS is slightly an understatement.

Most visitors of our UP House have no idea that my husband just retired from the USCG. Visitors that have followed our UP House story only know that we are “Disney Fanatics” that moved from Petaluma, California to buy this dream house. What we intentionally left out of every interview and in person was what my husband did for a living. I often changed the subject if someone asked this question or simply said I cannot answer that.

USCG UP House Clint

Because our house is pretty popular, we get visitors outside just about every day. Knowing this possibility, we decided to keep his military career a secret – not because we were ashamed – but because we had to be safe. My husband, Clint, would be gone during the week (because he was still stationed in Oakland, California) and fly to Utah for the weekends. His job with the USCG was very demanding and often times during his time home he would be helping a USCG Cutter somewhere in the world manage their crisis at the moment. Whether that was needed fuel to complete a mission or fix a broken part, all these calls were to keep the fleet running and authorize that assistance. For four years we lived this USCG life with him stationed two states away, it was hard but we did it, we completed it as a family.

On October 1, 2015, Clint RETIRED from the United States Coast Guard. We celebrated his career in the USCG in July where he had fellow military members present, family, friends, and locals there to support, congratulate and thank him. We are so grateful for his service.

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Disney’s THE FINEST HOURS is a story that Clint told me years ago. This is a based on a true story of heroism. On January 29, we will all have the chance to see the most daring rescue mission United States Coast Guard history.


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THE FINEST HOURS opens in theatres everywhere on January 29th, 2016!