STOP what you are doing and head to the Cars 3 ‘Road To The Races’ Tour right now if you live in Utah! If you have one coming to your town, you should go. So, what is this traveling event all about? I’ll tell you.



We just got home from attending the Cars 3 ‘Road To The Races’ Tour located in Thanksgiving Point in Lehi and I can can assure you it is worth going to!! It’s FREE.

I mean it, the Cars 3 ‘Road To The Races’ Tour is awesome! I’m not just saying that because I have to, I don’t. I pulled my two littles out of school to attend this and brought my dad (because he loves the Cars saga), too. Sometimes experiences like this are more important than school, don’t judge. (Plus, they learned some stuff too at the craft stations) 😉


Start your engines…


First, you are greeted by Cast Members that happily usher you to the first area, the Photo Op with the three racing stars from the movie, Cars 3:

Lightning McQueen
Jackson Storm

(You will be using your own camera for these photo opportunities, however, there is a Cast Member there to take your picture, so have your camera ready.)



Next, you will move to the Activity Stations:


These are fun. You have a large coloring booth, where children can all take part in helping color an oversized backboard. Each child will be given their own colored pencils to take home, too


The next station, was a photo booth for Crest Oral-B. Guests may take a fun selfie with a cute backdrop that you can have a choice of how you want it sent to them. I choose to email it. The picture quality isn’t great from the email, but again, it’s free!

You will then move to a pin the wheel to see what prize you will win. My littles got tattoos – it’s a win because they love tattoos. (The Cast Member is the one who actually spins the wheel.)

Next is the Coppertone station where you can get a sample of their latest sunscreen and a coupon. Don’t you love a coupon for this stuff?! I know I need sunscreen all the time and I love a coupon! Plus, your littles get to learn how to change the tires at this station! My littles thought this was so cool! You also get to take a picture here and have the option on how you want this Photo Opportunity sent to you. I choose to text this one

You will head to a fun fold your own Car (out of paper) after that. Children can choose either Lightning McQueen, Cruz or Jackson Storm. We decided to bring these home and will make them after school.

In the center of the event is a cute racing area set up, where a Cast Member sets up Lightning McQueen, Cruz and Jackson Storm to all race down a slanted hill. On the other side, is a cute small Cars Play Set.


There is a DELICIOUS Dole Booth after this. It is so refreshing and yummy! They give you a card with two recipes to take home so you can make these Cars 3 inspired smoothies again! Yay!




After we had our Dole Smoothie, we went into the AIR-CONDITIONED Trailer to watch an Exclusive movie clip from Cars 3. Now this was golden. Today was getting a bit hot outside, so having this mobile and cool theater with comfy seats was priceless. The clips you will see are not like the previews I have shown you, these are exclusive to the ‘Road To The Races’ Tour. Plus, it gets you even more amped up to see this film. It draws you into the characters and give us some insight to the film. Don’t you sometimes want to know why Disney•PIXAR makes a film?


Overall Thoughts on why everyone needs to attend this event if the ‘Road To The Races’ Tour comes to YOUR Town:

It’s free. The characters, Cruz and Jackson Storm, are brand new characters to the Cars saga, so you haven’t met them yet! The activity stations were fun. The mobile theater trailer was VERY nice and the exclusive clips and scenes from the movie got us even more excited to see the movie. “Crazy Eight” is on my mind now. (If you go, you’ll know what I mean!) I kept thinking while we were there, this is amazing, Disney brought a piece, well, a BIG piece here, (multiple 18-wheelers to pull this kind of pixie-dust off). Some of these Guests have never experienced Disneyland Resort and/or Walt Disney World Resort; so this is monumental for them to see these characters in real life. Or, some haven’t been able to go in years, so they haven’t been able to see Cars Land! Watching the joy on everyone’s faces today was the best. I’m so happy that the ‘Road To The Races’ Tour will continue on after us. If you have the chance to go, you should, even if you go to Disneyland Resort often, you’ll get to see Cruz and Jackson Storm. Plus, see that exclusive movie clip. Did I mention it’s free?

 I’m so grateful Disney brought this Magic to our neck of the woods in Utah; THANK YOU!


Bring an umbrella while you wait in line – today was hot
Bring water and snacks (you do get a Dole Whip drink once inside, though.)
Park by the Theater (if you’re coming to the event here in Lehi, Utah)


Cars 3 hits Theaters everywhere on June 16th!