Taking pictures here at the real UP House

From one Disney fan to another, hello! If you’re visiting here, you’re probably curious about our colorful home, the UP House. It’s a vibrant home, not just because of a colorful painted palette and plentiful plants, but primarily because its is an actual Disney-authorized replica house from the Pixar movie, UP.

But did you know that this is a private residence? Yes! A family of four LIVES here. More about who lives their Disney dreams here.

This is our every day life. We are loving, learning, growing, as well as making mistakes, we’re also having our own personal ‘ups and downs’ we’re dealing with, all whilst trying to share joy of our Disney home and a passion of flora with strangers who visit daily.

If you visit here:

  • Be brief (snap quick pictures, meaning you’re here less than 3 minutes)
  • Be mindful of the time of day you’re outside (even during Summer time)
  • Stay outside the fence line
  • Do not have your Uber or Lyft driver drop you off and leave unless you have scheduled a photo shoot with us
  • No drones please … it’s weird + invasive
  • Be kind & respectful. You are visiting our home life, not an amusement park

Because of our experience living here for over 11 years, we have observed and experienced a lot with strangers outside our home daily. We ask that you please respect us (and our neighbors), and only spend a COUPLE MINUTES taking quick pictures and practice a contactless visit if you’re not scheduling a photo shoot.

Photo shoot reservations are available. Reservations are made around my family’s schedule. Early mornings and late evenings are not available.

  • Reservations are required if you’re staying longer than a few minutes outside our home, taking pictures for professional/ marketing/business use, using a Photographer, for a proposal, in costume, or for staged events like engagements or anniversary, etc.


·   ♥  ·  ♥  ·  ♥  ·   ♥  ·

Thank you for respecting this. Thank you for appreciating what I do here making it magical with the foliage and effort throughout the year and Holidays. Thank you for understanding that not all my days are always “UP” and that we are real people living in our real-life home. Thank you for saying hello to us when you’re approaching for a quick visit. 

Above all, I wish you the best.

♥  Lynette

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