Disney wanted to tell a little bit of our story through their Disney People series, check out our story.

Hi there!

I’m Lynette, the voice behind the posts here, on instagram and our Facebook Page. It should be noted, I’m not really like Ellie in the bubbly, chatty way at first, but if you get to know me, I can be. In particular, I do love me some overalls, like, I’m obsessed with them. Wasn’t Ellie’s sooo cute?!! Without a doubt, I love my Carl like Ellie though. I am madly in love!

We are a family of four + one pup & a cat who live in the heart of Herriman, UT. Purchasing this home directly from the builder, Bangerter Homes, was a magical experience and we are the original owners. Unquestionably, our Up house is our dream house. (I will write about this Love/The Secret Story one day; cross my heart). The real UP house is an exact replica of the Disney-Pixar UP house. In fact, our builder, Blair, received exclusive rights and authorization from the Walt Disney Corporation to create this one-of-a-kind replica (however, is not allowed to repeat this build again). We have created a Disney-inspired backyard with Disney characters and themed areas throughout our yard. I share these creations on my instagram account @uphouse often. Our family loves to play games and explore Utah. Unquestionably, living in Utah is wonderful, it is a gorgeous state! If you haven’t visited Utah, you need to! Theme parks and traveling is our jam. We love water, thawed or frozen; put us on the mountain for snowboarding or in the sea for snorkeling or surfing, we’re there.

More about us..

I’m married to a retired Coastie, Clint. Without a doubt, I have the best husband, father, friend, you could ask for. He is a hard-worker and kind man. His adventures are insane. Clint loves to run & snowboard in the mountains (and I think he’s the best at it). My husband makes me laugh every day and is always there for us. 

Above all, I’m a proud Mama! Our daughter is an incredibly talented artist – we are incredibly similar and often sit the same and finish each others sandwic– words. Our son is on the autism spectrum and identifies in the LGBTQ+ community. Both of our kids are incredibly smart, kind, and are each others best friends. The two have adapted well to staying home and being in school fully online. My kids are my everything! I love being around them. Let them be little.

We have a puppy named Piper, she came from a Shiba Inu rescue group. She has brought us a lot of joy since our old dog, Dakota, passed away after Christmas 2016. In addition, we adopted an adult cat, Mila, from our local shelter for our son. Mila is a talker and has taken a liking to me and him. Our feline girl actually calls for me: “Mom, mom mom!” and brings me gifts (ALL of Piper’s toys from her toy basket) EVERY – SINGLE – NIGHT to my bedside while calling/yelling mom, mom, mom, mom which each and every toy. (Insert endearing side-eye here.)

More about me…

Talking about Disney is one of my favorite things. When people quote Disney Pixar films, I get giddy. I have always been this way, it makes my heart smile and my body gets instant goosebumps. In fact, in 2014 and 2015, I was on a large platform on the Disney Parks website called the planDisney Panel. Back in those days, it was referred to as the Disney Parks Moms Panel and I was the Disneyland Specialty ‘mom’ – I loved serving on the panel and answering questions for guests about the parks daily! I hope to be part of the club again!

I love popping over to The Disneyland Resort as much as possible – my friends over at The Howard Johnson Anaheim Hotel are offering a MAGICAL hotel stay DISCOUNT using this link!  Their signature Castaway Cove Water Playground and renovated rooms are phenomenal!  (affiliate link)

I adore yoga, swimming, snowboarding, Disney, peonies, roses, and my roots in Norway. I’m shy though, so I do get nervous talking to people. Taking pictures of myself is difficult – I feel very awkward. I love tattoos. Yoga is a big part of my life and teach hot yoga. I am a tree, I am ever-growing, changing, learning, and adapting so I stay rooted and connected. Last, but not least, gardening is also one of my favorite hobbies; I think this also helps with any Mama worries too.

Without a doubt…

I hope the things I have shared and opened up about have brought you joy, insight, or a little dose of Disney into your life. I hope our home brings you a little bit of magic while you are visiting Utah. Watching our Disney People video below will help you see a little more about us too. Wishing you the Best Day Ever. 

Merry Adventures,

Lynette Hamblin